Some people say you are too sensitive, too emotional, too shy, too intense, too serious, too moody, too artsy, too soft, too idealistic, even too neurotic. You have been told that you think too much, worry too much, take things too personally, analyse too much, are overwhelming or, perhaps, just plain crazy. You feel “different” and always have. You watch what is going on around you in the world and at times feel like you don’t belong.

Welcome to Just “Too” Sensitive, Silverton McLagan Coaching’s specialty website for Highly Sensitive : Highly Creative people.

You have probably landed on this page because at some time you have heard that you are “just too sensitive”. We simply do not believe you are “too” sensitive, in fact, we think you are wonderfully sensitive and gifted and we want you to believe and feel that way as well. We want you to understand what being an HSP means, how it affects your life and your creativity and how you can make the most of it.


As an HSP, a Highly Sensitive Person, it is time for you to stop worrying about what is “wrong” with you, or even if you are “crazy”, and embrace your very unique and special HSP nature. Most HSPs have heard far too many “too” words throughout their lives. In the end they have come to believe that they are “different”, that there is something “wrong” with them, that they do not fit in, or that they are flawed in some way.

What makes an HSP?

As an HSP you have a finely-tuned nervous system that is thought to be hardwired into your personality and probably inherited. This is simply a difference, nothing wrong with you, which creates the tendency and ability to pick-up more information and subtle details from your environment. As a result, you can experience a level of intense stimulation and overarousal that others do not. By the way, HSPs make up only 15-20% of the population, both female and male.

Possessing the HSP trait can be both a struggle and a pleasure.

To the HSP, the world can at times feel challenging and rather exhausting. You may need to regularly “retreat” from the world to regain a sense of inner peace and tranquility. This by no means suggests that you cannot cope, or that you are anti-social, but it does mean that as an HSP you are by nature cautious, inward, and need extra time alone to renew your energy.

HSPs spend a lot of time “in their heads” analysing and thinking about everything and anything.
This can also mean that things do not roll easily off your back. You could even be characterised as a master worrier. HSPs are deeply in touch with feelings, thoughts, and inner experiences. Such heightened awareness leads to a great appreciation of many aspects of life.

Unfortunately, there can be a downside to such a gift.
At times, your awareness leaves you feeling uncomfortable, jangled, anxious, overstimulated, overwhelmed, or perhaps even depressed. Your finely tuned nervous system can create heightened sensitivity to noise, lights, scents, crowds, movement, pain, illness, medications, time pressures, bad news, media violence, and the repercussions of world events. It can also give you a strong startle response, sleep disruption, increased muscle tension, and other physical symptoms of stress.

Without direction over-arousal and anxiety can interrupt the natural flow of your creative process.
Such heightened sensitivity can result in performance anxiety, leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable in the world, cause you to lose track of time or ordinary daily obligations due to your creative process, and frequently feel misunderstood or incorrectly judged.

With all of these challenges why do we believe that being an HSP is a gift?

HSPs are creative and wise individuals with great capacity for deep insight, wisdom, reflection, compassion, and caring. In fact, most HSPs are intellectually and creatively gifted and multi-talented. They have strong imaginations, heightened intuition, many interests and abilities, a strong sense of humour, intense emotional awareness, and a wide range of emotional expression. With ever-curious minds HSPs constantly seek new ideas. They are always eager to discover, learn, and consume knowledge. HSPs live their lives from a place of integrity and deeply held values and principles.

Understanding and accepting your HSP nature greatly enhances happiness and success in your personal and professional life.
We know you can learn to enjoy and manage your sensitivity, decrease the stress it frequently causes, decrease the performance anxiety it can generate, and increase the level of inner calm that your ‘special’ nervous system requires.

Just “Too” Sensitive is about discovering and using the full potential of your highly sensitive, highly creative, highly dynamic mind, emotions, beliefs, and talents.
We know our approach works. We developed it by living it. We focus on four primary areas: self-identity, living balance, burnout, and peak performance. So before you leave our website make sure you check out each specialty area.

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